On 2001-06-19 I had the honor of being initiated in a secret brotherhood and got in touch with an ancient tradition of great transcendence. A ritual based upon the...

say it as "coor-eem-BOCK-ee"

Corrimboque or cornimboque is the hollow end of a bull's horn, covered with a sculptured and painted piece of cork, to which two pieces of thread are attached. It's used in the Northeast of Brazil to store "rapé" (snuff), powdery tobacco that makes you sneeze. Open the corrimboque carefully not to spread or lose any rapé.
Get a considerable pinch of it, as big as the user's courage.

Take it close to your nostrils and snuff it vigorously.

Get ready for a violent reaction. Aaaaaaaa...

A corrimboque costs R$ 2,00 (US$ 1.00) and can be found in Dorgival's emporium: Mercearia do Norte. Here in Rio.

It's an indescribable pleasure. It's not a white powder, it is not illegal, but it is also not good for you health. For this reason, the ritual is only celebrated once a year, two days before the first New Moon of June.
(This last sentence may be untrue.)

For more info on Dorgival and similar stores, please visit Commander Klesck's* page, in Portuguese.

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